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Writing a letter

Writing a letter

Start with greetings and introduction!

Tell about your education, job and plans for career

Do you find it interesting and why? Women like when a man is enjoying what he is doing in life and they want to know, WHY? Because it is gives a lot of ideas of your personality.
For example:

“I am a primary-school teacher. I love my job very much. To me developing the best qualities in a child is both inspiring and challenging.”

“I am estate agent. I enjoy helping people to find their beautiful homes. I hope to meet you and we will find our dream home together!”

Tell about your family

Here you might say more about your marital status (what and why), children (how many, age, where they live, how independent they are), even few words about parents and brothers/sisters if they are important to you.

You are not obliged to say too many things here. But a little honesty and extra information might attract to you just the right woman.

Your city and house or apartment

Where is it? How does it look like? Who lives in there? Are you alone or with somebody? What is your opinion on changing place of residence? Do you love you place? What is interesting to do there? What you would like to show to visitors?

“You are very welcome to visit this place. I’ll show you amazing snowy mountains and spectacular opera house!”

Your interests and hobbies

Try to remember as many as you can. Think of all the possibilities. The more you can name them more interesting and multifaceted you going to appear on your letter, the more different women you attract.

“If you like fishing or yachting, I’ll be so happy to do it with you! Also, I am open for new things and very interested in sharing some of your interests.”

Think of all the type of arts. You might not like painting, but may be like sculptures, or architecture?

If you love travelling, better explain why, because most people love it too, but they have different reasons. Some of us prefer to go to sunny islands and enjoy the beach, while others love to explore museums and palaces of old cities.

Don’t forget about sports. If you don’t like to do sports, you probably love to watch it on stadium or TV.

If you love reading tell what kind of books or magazines. It will also display features of your personality. Imagine how different you will look to a woman who likes to read love stories to the woman who likes to read about quantum physics.

There are innumerable possibilities of interests. Some of them: movies (cinema or TV), sea, psychology, friends (going out, inviting or visiting), religions, nature (camping, picnics or tourism), animals (wild, horse riding or pets).

Your personality and character

Here you can mention what you think about yourself, or what your friends think about you. Don’t be shy to tell how good your are, because there is definitely something good about you.

Be positive. There are definitely some things for what you going to be loved by another woman, something you can offer and really able to do for others.

There are some things that don’t fall under any categories and better be mentioned in your letter:

What is your dream partner?

You are probably sure what you are looking for in partner. If you are not sure you can simply admit it in your letter or try to discover it with our help.

Things that might or might not be important for you: her age, education, profession, marital status, children, place of residence, ability to move to your place, knowing of certain languages, interests and hobbies.

Things that are usually important to everybody: her personality, which can be similar to yours or opposite to yours. It means, look at where you describe yourself and decide whether you want your partner to be, for example, as calm as you are, or may be the opposite — spirited and vigorous.


Closing is important in a way that must leave a good impression about you.

You can simply finish with standard things as:

Or add something warmer:

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