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Pair Ukraine dating agency terms & conditions


We do not alter profiles which have been accepted for display. We make no absolutely no guarantee as to the integrity of the information contained in the profiles. If you do not feel comfortable about this fact you are advised in the strongest possible terms not to use our service. We may remove profiles at any time for any reason.



We reserve the right to edit and enhance photos submitted to us, to ensure they are of the highest quality and compatible with our guidelines.


If you find an offensive or worrying profile or message, please let us know. We reserves the right to determine what action is necessary.

Suspension or removal from service

We reserve the right to suspend your account or remove your profile at any time for any reason. No correspondence will be entered into in the event of this happening. We are not obliged to give a reason.

If you have broken any of our rules to even the smallest degree, even in response to any activity which also breaks our rules, it is very likely that your account will be removed immediately.

We can completely remove profiles of our registered members from on member’s demand. Send us email with such request to

All female members, including ladies of the free contacts section, are asked to inform us when they are no longer consider themselves available. And we timely remove their listings. However, some of ladies may neglect to do so, or simply delay informing us. If you find out that one of our women is no longer available, please

Data protection

Your membership details and content you send are private and are properly protected. However the information you give in your profile is deemed to be in the public domain. Therefore if you are not happy with your details being made public, do not post your personal profile on


During subscription you have instant access to contacts of all women, so we don’t make any refunds and all sales are final.

Disclaimer and legal stuff provides this service on an “as-is” basis without warranty of any kind including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

Using the service constitutes acceptance of these rules.

If you have any questions or concerns about this terms and conditions you can contact us at

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