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General suggestions on writing

General suggestions on writing

Before writing

Try to make letter as full as possible. Remember that you are trying to attract attention of someone special lady, it means you have to be special in a way too. Always think of what she would like to know about you before she decides to contact you. In this case think of what questions you would ask your partner and try to answer them yourself.

Now you can look through our suggestions on how to write a letter if you feel that you might need a little help.

Remember: you don’t have to write everything that we suggest. Too long and detailed letter is also can be very tiring to read. Try to be informative and moderate at the same time. And good luck!

Short letter or long letter?

More information is always better, but if you feel that 1–2 sentences is enough — it is also fine, but these sentences must contain a lot of useful information and sound extremely interesting and original.

See for yourself letters that probably will not attract much attention:

1 “Hi, I am Jim. I am very lonely and looking for someone special. I’ll be glad to get a letter from you. Waiting for you reply!”

Jim is not giving information about himself. How many people in a world are lonely, looking for someone special, will be glad to get some letters and waiting for reply? Billions of people! Try to be different and unique, tell about WHO you are, about yourSELF.

2 “Hi, I love fun and looking for cool people!!! Write to me and let’s do something interesting together!”

Sound a little more interesting than 1st letter. But again, no information about the person plus letter sound NOT SERIOUS and it will push away many women. Lots of people love fun and looking for somebody cool to be with. So, actually this kind of letter is not unique and not special at all.

Avoiding mistakes

Try to not use negative words. For example “I hate liars and greedy people.” It is always better to say: “I love honest and generous people”. You want to give impression that you are person who loves, not a person who hates.

It is not a good idea spend all letter on talking about whom you would like to meet and what your ideal person should look like without saying much about yourself. Women are interested in who you are and what can you offer in the first place (love, generosity, faithfulness etc.). Don’t tell much about what can somebody do for you. Rather tell more about what are you ready to give.

You’ll be surprised to get replies from many lonely and truly interesting ladies who were touched by your warm letter.

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