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Ukrainian girl Katyusha

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Age: 21  (06 Mar 1997)
Height: 5'6'' (168 cm)
Weight: 140 lbs. (64 kg)
Country: Ukraine

Profile ID: 17961  (Updated 14 Nov 2017)

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About my life:

Hair: red
Eyes: brown
Relationships: never married
Have kids: small son
Education: school, special
Languages: german, russian, ukrainian
Occupation: Secretary/ Assistant
Religion: Catholic
Smoke: no way

My interests and hobbies:

Just write me! :)

About myself:

I can be wrong, stupid, cruel, offend, and I speak nasty things, I do not feel right, I can not understand something, but I prove my opinion, I demand too much attention, I am capricious, I do not confess my guilt, and of course, it's not an angel, but I love it , I love insanely and faithfully ... is this not enough ... ***

About my date:

Seeking man: from 25 to 31 years
Have kids: no kids

My message to man:

I would like to ... Treat me as a child, apologize for me, try for me, control me, teach me ... I'll bump, get angry, but if you come out, you will grow up a beautiful woman ... Never raise your hand on me. I will not be afraid of you, but will cease to respect, and you will lose the most dear that you have in your life ... Never bet After all, I will not take you for the truth. Can not you come because you are sitting with friends? It's not terrible, just tell the truth ... I'll understand! But the main thing in time ... Take care of me. Ask for a call when I arrive, do not let me into nightclubs, spit on the fact that it perverts me. Indifference will infect even more. I appreciate your care .. I swear ... Do not hesitate. I have my own. I can say everything. No money We sit at -30 degrees on the bench and we will be warmed by kisses .. Are you tired of work, from life, from torn jeans? Look at me, I'll regret you .. Do you have tears? It is not necessary to hide it. Hiding needs heartlessness. I do not need a handsome man. I'm not interested in your face in the complex. The details are important to me: your eyelashes, your lips, how you look ... I care what you have now, the prospect is important to me, what you can achieve ... No, not because I'm a mercantile bitch, but so that I did not die from boredom of your stupidity ...) Farewell to me ... My late arrivals, a lot of carcasses on my eyelashes, stupid insults ... Farewell to me. You are wise. No ... Not everything ... Make it so that I was not late, I was not painted and I had nothing to offend ... You are wise ... Tame me Make me your own. I am independent, but I really want to depend on you. Bind me to you. Do not let me go .. Love me sincerely ... and you're the winner ... Do not talk too early about love. You scare me. But do not get tired. After all, I will not waste time on someone who does not love me .. Do not make me love .. Wait please, please. You're a man. Let me figure out myself ... Believe me! After all, if you do everything right, I do not have to cheat on you. Be real, if you are not the one for whom you betray yourself, it will be very difficult for you ... Be afraid to lose me ... After all, I always have somewhere to go ... I'll manage to be alone ... I'm self-sufficient ... Do not betray me ... like a woman ... Stay with me and walk .. But do not lie to me ... I'll believe you ... but if I find out, I will not be in your life ... Never. I'll forgive, but I will not forget ...

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