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Age: 31  (14 Jul 1989)
Height: 5'4'' (163 cm)
Weight: 120 lbs. (54 kg)
Country: Ukraine

Profile ID: 17844  (Updated 02 Feb 2021)

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About my life:

Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Relationships: divorced
Have kids: 11 years old son Oleg
Education: university
Languages: english, russian, ukrainian
Occupation: Sales Manager
Religion: Christian
Smoke: no way

My interests and hobbies:

I adore outgoing activities but I have no much time for hobbies.

About myself:

As you are reading these lines, I suppose that you are lonely and looking for your the only one, right? Well, I am not going to issue you that it's me, my dear stranger. It's for you to decide. Someone raves about aliens from Mars, someone struggles with the hardness of stone, but I spin my slender threads of my life. I lead a quite simple life and never forget to be the best role model for my son, my little gentleman. I am a young and beautiful lady, caring, attentive, sensitive, devoted and appreciative. I know what I want in life: to establish myself in professional and personal aspects. I never stop to develop myself. I love life with all its pins and happy moments. Usually skirt around any argument and do that way I find the best to do. I think that trying to be in someone's shoes is one of the most useful qualities and I have such one.

About my date:

Seeking man: from 30 to 46 years

My message to man:

I believe that any one has the second chance of being happy in this life. I chose to try my destiny. Why not? Anyway life is always a challenge! Have you noticed it? I want to appreciate and be appreciated, love and be loved, take care about someone and feel his care back, give him all the best of me and get the same... Is this list too long? I don't need any pomps. Need calm, ordinary and simple man, who will respect me and love. Sorry, but he must accept and love my son as he is a part of me, of course.

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