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Age: 49  (29 Dec 1969)
Height: 5'3'' (160 cm)
Weight: 155 lbs. (70 kg)
Country: Ukraine

Profile ID: 12418  (Updated 08 Nov 2018)

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About my life:

Hair: blonde
Eyes: brown
Relationships: never married
Have kids: Daughters 26 and 21 years old
Education: special
Languages: russian, ukrainian
Occupation: chief
Religion: christian
Smoke: no way

My interests and hobbies:

I am a cheerful person, kind, calm, beautiful and passionate people. I like to have fun, work, travel, play and smile. I think of myself as an intelligent, but harmless. My hobbies include flowers, music, travel, cooking, etc. I want to meet a man whom I love and that I was able to spend the rest of my life with him. I believe that a person's happiness will never be complete until there is a number of men. I also believe that our meeting today is not by chance or by accident, but it was destined to happen so that we could learn more about us. I want someone who is content with his life. someone who is willing to share their thoughts, dreams, and who wants to live with me, and I can share my life with him and together we will be happy forever.

About myself:

To change your life is never too late ... You just want to see it changed. WANT hardest change. Most often, we get tired, give up and just lose the desire to change something and slowly go with the flow - passing the needed turns and started for us berths. I have no way to do good to all, but I have the opportunity to nobody hurt ...

About my date:

Seeking man: from 48 to 65 years
Height: from 5'7'' (170 cm) to 6'9'' (206 cm)
Have kids: yes

My message to man:

A man who wants, will always find a way to be with me! Even if he is on another planet ... and he has no free time. Distance - it's just one more test. Just want to be happy ... Rarely meet with disaster! Just want to be loved ... not to be one ... I just want to not shed tears of sorrow ... heavy losses ... I just want to keep the roses ... and feel their fragrance! Mutual love will never be destroyed.! I want to wake up with a loved one, and watch him sleeping peacefully, I understand that he is a native, smiled in his sleep he gently. I want to wake up with him, Let the whole world I angrily condemned. And I do not need another life

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